The Ultimate Muscle Guide - Gym Plan

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Muscle Building


Plan Duration

6 weeks


Days per week

32 workouts of 45-60 mins



Approx 410 calories burned per workout

About this gym plan

Gain muscle and size with this 6 week plan. The journey to more size comes from two you execute the workouts and exercises...and using the correct exercise selection for each muscle group. What does this mean? Each muscle group is built up of different types of muscle fibers...and therefore respond to different rep ranges better or worse than others for maximum growth.

This plan uses a very carefully selected group of exercises for each muscle group, all with their ideal rep ranges for that muscular make up...resulting in much more bang for your buck in each session. You'll find some very unique and highly effective exercises in this plan, training 5 days per week over 6 weeks and attacking single or double muscle groups per session.

Get ready to build more size than you ever have before!