Muscle Dork 1.0 - Gym Plan

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Muscle Building


Plan Duration

6 weeks


Days per week

30 workouts of 30-60 mins



Approx 480 calories burned per workout

About this gym plan

A 6-week complete transformation plan. This isn't just bodybuilding, you're going to learn how to create the best possible mind-muscle connection for EVERY muscle group. The result...creating the body that you want in your head easily and correctly. This is a very carefully designed program, taking you through 6 weeks of varying styles of training, so expect to put on muscle and trim some body fat in the process.

I want you to understand that IT IS NOT about moving or lifting a weight. You aren’t a Powerlifting Dork, you are a Muscle Dork. I want you to memorise these words:

“It’s not about moving as much weight as possible, it’s about contracting the muscle under appropriate resistance, and keeping it under as much tension as possible”.

This program is very strict and specific to put on muscle and transform your body to a place you've never been before. In return be strict with sticking to the plan to make sure it works for you.