Military Ready - Gym Plan

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Fat Loss


Plan Duration

4 weeks


Days per week

20 workouts of 20-60 mins



Approx 460 calories burned per workout

About this gym plan

Being fit is more than just a sculpted body, it's a mentality. This program is designed to give you the tools to work on all the necessary physical and mental demands for the military;

* Functional Fitness
* Strength
* Endurance
* Mental Toughness

Over the course of 4 weeks you'll be put through cardio, bodyweight and weight training workouts that will all challenge you and provide you with the necessary tools to do well as a military recruit. Everything will transfer over well for fitness testings before joining the forces, as well as keeping you at peak condition if you're already serving. So don't just think of this as an awesome fat loss, fitness and strength building plan, think of it as a character building plan for mental toughness and durability too.