Little Black Bikini - Gym Plan

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Fat Loss


Plan Duration

12 weeks


Days per week

69 workouts of 30-90 mins



Approx 470 calories burned per workout

About this gym plan

A 12-week complete body transformation ideal for women who are wanting to get in the best shapes of their life. This plan has been specifically designed for people who want a smaller waist, tighter toned up body and also increase their athleticism and fitness levels. If you want to get lean...this is the perfect plan for you.

This 12-week plan uses a mixture of cardio, HiiT training, bodyweight and free-weights to completely change your body over each week. Progression is key with structured plans, so expect to be pushed harder and harder each week, but also expect the end product to be nothing short of amazing.

Welcome to the 12-week Bikini Body transformation.