High Rep Build - Gym Plan

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Muscle Build


Plan Duration

4 weeks


Days per week

20 workouts of 60 mins



Approx 460 calories burned per workout

About this gym plan

When it comes to high rep training there is a common misconception that;

1. Training with high reps is better for endurance and not for size
2. High rep training is for 'toning'.

The truth is that high rep and low rep both work excellent for building muscle. This plan focuses on hitting exercises with higher rep ranges, allowing you to intensify your workouts and stimulate more growth from the added metabolic stress this kind of training incurs. This plan also works great if you're looking for a total change up in your routine and getaway from the stereotypical 10 reps...giving your joints a break from heavy work. Expect some serious muscle stretching pumps in this plan!

Here's what to expect...

5x workouts per week.
Start workouts with some heavy work then progress into total high rep training to stimulate muscle growth and more pump.
All-angle approach on each workout, hitting each muscle from different angles.
Master your form by using moderate weights for high reps.